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We would hope that the ingredients in the products allowed to be on the market, especially baby products, are safe to use. But unfortunately, there are ingredients in some baby products linked to reproductive issues, skin irritation, allergies, and possibly cancer. Check out my article, 4 Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Care Products – What does the Research Say? to get details on the exact ingredients and what research studies show. I promise, no “mommy opinions” present in that article… just the research.

In this post I’ll share my favorite baby and toddler skincare products. Unless otherwise specified, they are rated a 1 or 2 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), meaning the ingredients are “low hazard” and are free of:

  • Fragrance
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde

You can shop all the products I’ve shared below in one place with my Amazon Idea List.

Baby Wash and Shampoo

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Baby Soap (EWG Rating: 1)

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Baby Unscented, 32 Ounce)

  • Safe. It is pure plant-based Castile soap so you don’t have to worry about yucky ingredients often found in products that cause suds or foaming.
  • Will last you. We do nightly baths and just one of the 32oz bottles lasted us forever (I’d say close to a year)… it’s concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  • Good for sensitive skin. Many Amazon reviewers cite that it has been great for their sensitive skin. My daughter has eczema, and this has been very gentle on her skin.
  • Many Uses. Aside from baby soap, it can also be used in tons of other different ways around the house (making your own hand soap, as mom and dad’s body wash, household cleaning, and more).

Con: It isn’t tear-free; however, I’ve used it with my baby since she was a newborn (now 2), and have only had one time that she cried because it got in her eyes. Just be careful.

Diaper Cream

Badger Diaper Cream (EWG Rating: 1)

Badger Balm Baby Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream

  • Better than conventional diaper creams. AND it’s safe to use. This stuff is by far the best diaper cream we have found. It beats out many conventional creams as well as all the other more natural creams we tried (and we tried several including Weleda and Bordeaux’s Butt Paste).
  • Prevents and heals rashes quickly. We use this nightly to prevent diaper rash, but on the rare occasions that she does get a rash, I can tell it soothes immediately when I put it on my baby girl (she even tells me so now). Most diaper rashes clear up in a day when we use this, but the really bad ones still only take 2-3 days for it to be completely gone.
  • Easily spreadable. It is fairly thick (which is why I think it’s so effective), but it’s still easy to apply.
  • Better than Weleda. A lot of people seem to like Weleda, but I found it was too thin and didn’t work well at all for my little one. She rarely gets diaper rashes, but she got several when using Weleda. We went back to Badger and rashes were gone.

Con: This will stain white things, so don’t wipe it off on your white towels. Oops.


I have two favorites here. We exclusively use Babyganics now, but only for price reasons. We used WaterWipes for quite a while and loved them as well.

Babyganics Baby Wipes (EWG Rating: 1)

Babyganics Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free

  • Soft.
  • Moist, but not wet. These are damp but don’t drip when you use them. WaterWipes were a little too wet to me, but we still liked them.
  • Mild scent. I don’t think they have much of a smell, but I have used them a couple times to wipe my face, and I will admit I don’t like the scent it leaves. But I don’t notice it when I use them as wipes on my girl. Some reviewers don’t like the smell.

Reviews Disclaimer: There seem to be mixed reviews on Amazon. The most recent common complaints are that they aren’t overly moist, smell bad and do not dispense very efficiently. The most concerning complaints that you’ll see right off the bat are old reviews (2017 and 2018) claiming they received moldy wipes; however, there are no recent complaints of this. It seems like Babyganics may have changed their formula to avoid moldy wipes, and some people aren’t pleased with the results. We love them though and have never had any issues!

WaterWipes (EWG Rating: 1)

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 720 Count (12 Packs of 60 Count)

  • Soft.
  • Very moist. Some people prefer this, though I thought they were a touch too wet.
  • No scent. When we used them about a year ago they didn’t smell at all.
  • Amazon reviewers love this product.

Baby Lotion

My daughter has eczema and really struggles with dry skin, so we use Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm with colloidal oatmeal as it’s active ingredient. This product is not rated by EWG at this time, but the individual ingredients range from mostly 1’s to one ingredient rating a “2-5 depending on usage.” Because my daughter needs the more intensive cream, and based on the research I’ve done, I’m personally okay using it on my daughter. After trying umpteen eczema creams, this was the one that did the trick in clearing up her eczema and leaving her skin oh-so soft.

However, if your little one does not need the extra oomph, my recommendation would be:

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (EWG Rating: 2)

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, Fragrance Free

  • Excellent moisturizer. The combination of colloidal oatmeal and emollients (the dimethicone) makes this lotion extra moisturizing., especially if you use it after bath time to lock all that moisture in.
  • Thick, but not too thick. The consistency is thick enough that it feels like it’s doing its job, but not so goopy that it feels like it’s just caking baby’s skin.
  • Not greasy. It feels a little greasy at first, but after rubbing it in it just feels soft and protective.
  • Contains colloidal oatmeal. This is a natural skin soother and anti-inflammatory great for eczema and dry skin.
  • Affordable. It seems like the second a brand claims it’s “organic” or “natural” it doubles in price. While it’s not organic, it is safe to use on baby (fragrance-, paraben-, and phthalate-free) and won’t break the bank.

Aveeno Disclaimer: Aveeno is one of those brands that has some products with safe ingredients and some products with questionable ingredients, so you can’t rely on the Aveeno brand name to make your “yea” or “nay” decision when it comes to ingredient safety. Make sure to check each product’s ingredients individually. The EWG Skin Deep website and app is very helpful for this.


I’ve got two favorites. A higher SPF cream that was our go-to for the earlier phases, and a sprayable that we use now that she’s a very mobile toddler.

ThinkBaby (EWG Rating: 1)

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

  • Easy to rub in. I tried a few different zinc oxide-based baby sunscreens, and most of them were really difficult to rub in. Plus most of them made my little one look like she rolled in powdered donuts. ThinkBaby was fairly easy to rub in.
  • Protects well. I reapplied every couple hours as directed, and always reapplied after she got wet and she never got a sunburn with this on. My daughter is pretty fair skinned, too.
  • Light pleasant scent. This stuff didn’t have any strong or weird smells, and there is no “fragrance” in the ingredients.
  • Would recommend over Babyganics’ and Badger’s sunscreens. Babyganics did not protect her well, and Badger protected really well but was extra thick and hard to rub in.

All Good Kids Sunscreen Spray (EWG Rating: 3)

All Good SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Spray, Water Resistant

  • Sprayable! We used the creams for as long as we could, since it wasn’t really a problem until my little one grew into a toddler and started running all over the place while I tried to put sunscreen on her. Once we hit that phase, we quickly transitioned to the spray!
  • Easy to rub in. Sprays on nice and evenly and easy to rub in.
  • Protects well. A light dusting of this sunscreen is not enough to protect, but as long as I get a good amount of it on my daughter, it protects well.
  • Minimal white residue. If my toddler let me rub it in sufficiently, I could probably get rid of all the white. But she is too squirmy and so there is sometimes a little white film on her skin, but nothing too bad.

Savings Tip: If you have a Sprouts or other natural grocery store near you be sure to check the price there and compare to Amazon’s price before buying. I usually get mine at Sprouts.

Healing Ointment

All Good Goop (EWG Rating: NR*)

*Product not rated by EWG, but all individual ingredients are rated “1”

All Good Goop Organic Healing Balm & Ointment

  • Many uses. We use this mostly for scrapes and boo-boos before we put a bandaid on. It can also be used for diaper rash, insect bites and sunburns.
  • For the whole family. This isn’t just for baby, adults can use it too for blisters, cracked knuckles, chapped lips, etc.
  • Powerful natural ingredients. This uses only medicinal herbs and essential oils such as calendula (very soothing, good for minor burns, prevents scarring), yarrow (good for minor wounds), lavender (soothes minor pain, is also a antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal) and comfrey (historically known as an excellent healing herb).

Bonus Tip: Lavender oil by itself does wonders for healing minor burns. Whenever I burn myself, if I remember to put lavender oil on immediately I always see an almost instant reduction in pain and a considerable difference in healing time versus when I don’t apply the lavender oil.

*Please note the frequent use of the word “minor.” This is not meant to treat severe wounds, burns or injuries. Please consult a doctor in those instances.

Find all the products I’ve shared above in one easy place on my Amazon Idea List.

Hope these product recommendations were helpful! What are your favorite natural skincare products?

Do you have a favorite natural bug spray that works? I hear a lot of people asking about this one. We have tried a few, but haven’t had to use them much, so I can’t say for sure if they work well or not. Drop me a comment if you have a recommendation!

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