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After giving birth, momma needs a little extra care in certain areas. These postpartum supplies are on my must-have list for all postpartum mommas. Whether you’re preparing for your own delivery or wanting to bless another soon-to-be momma with a care package, I hope these recommendations find you well.

“Down-There” Care Supplies

  1. Frida-Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle – The hospital gives you a peri-bottle, but this is different… and better! First, the FridaMom one has 10 tiny holes instead of one large one, so it is gentler. Second, the hospital provided one won’t have the angled spout, which makes it much easier to reach the tender spots.
  2. Frida-Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear – Again, you’ll likely get a couple pairs of these from the hospital, but probably not enough to last you as long as you’ll want to continue wearing them. They are so soft, gentle and comfortable after childbirth.
  3. Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads – These provide a cooling pain relief and aid in the healing process of your down-there parts. They are also helpful for postpartum hemorrhoids if you experience them. Store these in the fridge for extra soothing relief!
  4. Thena Sitz Bath Soak – This all-natural mix of organic healing herbs, plant-based oils and epson and sea salts helps soothe and heal any wounds from tearing or episiotomies, eases inflammation and constipation, and provides relieve to perineal muscles. You can use this in a regular bathtub or with an over-the-toilet sitz bath like this one or this one.
  5. Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray – A more natural alternative to the traditionally provided Dermoplast (which can also be helpful as it temporarily numbs the area), this spray helps relieve pain and encourages healing postpartum. While a “natural” pain spray may leave you skeptical, this formula is exceptionally rated with over 3,000 reviews. I, too, can attest to its effectiveness!
  6. Postpartum/Menstrual Underwear – I have never heard anyone suggest these for postpartum, and I don’t know why. They are a game changer… (A little TMI warning for the following sentences)… Depending on how long you bleed for, pads or Depends can get really uncomfortable, and you can start chafing down there… ouch! Once your bleeding has slowed, I recommend switching to these washable menstrual underwear. SO much more comfortable, way less waste, and I’ve not had an issue with any staining… they come out of the wash looking good as new!

Early Breastfeeding Care Supplies

  1. Philips Avent Breast Shells – Those first few weeks of breastfeeding can be brutal. Your nipples take a beating and even the softest silk touching them can feel like 80-grit sandpaper. These breast shells are a life-saver! They prevent your nipples from touching anything and allows them to “breathe,” which aids in the healing process.
  2. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter – A more natural, and just as effective, alternative to the Lanolin samples you will likely get in the hospital. I use gobs of this stuff to help ease the soreness and prevent cracked or bleeding nipples.
  3. Lansinoh Soothies Cooling Gel Pads – These are reusable gel pads that are sooo soothing on painful, sore or cracked nipples. Similar to the breast shells mentioned above, they prevent your bra from painfully rubbing up against your nipples. Store them in the fridge for extra relief.

Other Helpful Items

  1. Colace Stool Softener – This isn’t necessary for everyone, but it’s a good thing to have on hand immediately following delivery just in case. You may even be given some in the hospital. Some women experience hemorrhoids from pushing during labor, while others may have tears or incisions that make going #2 very painful. A stool softener can help ease that pain.
  2. ScarAway Reusable Silicone Scar Sheets – If you have any stretch marks from pregnancy, these scar sheets work wonders! I’ve used these on a very large, very dark burn scar in the past, and I can’t see it at all anymore. I’m currently using them for my stretch marks. You can wash and reuse each sheet for around 2 weeks.

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