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The gb Pockit Stroller is one of my favorite toddler purchases we have made.  I put off buying it for several months because of the price tag and the fact that we already had a stroller — did I really need another one that seemed useful mostly just for travel? We do travel, but not super often (once or twice a year by airplane, and every few months we may do a short road trip). So was I really going to use this much outside the airport?

I wish I wouldn’t have delayed so long in purchasing our Pockit stroller. It became our daily stroller for things like errands, museum trips, shopping, etc. It was just SO much easier than our regular Graco stroller (with toddler attachment) to get in and out of the car as well as maneuver through crowds and narrow store aisles.

While this stroller is definitely a travel lifesaver, it’s not just for the jet setting family! Read on to find out why…

Quick Overview

Summary: Because of its unmatched lightweight and and compact frame, the Pockit stroller is an absolute must have for air travel, but is just as convenient for road trips and your daily errands with toddlers. It is not suitable for rough terrain or young babies, and taller adults may have issues pushing it comfortably.

Weight: Weighs just 9.5 lbs

Dimensions: Folds to about 12” x 7” x 14”

Recommended ages: 6 months +

Capacity: Can hold a child up to 55 lbs (plus 11 lbs of gear in the storage basket)

Excellent for:

  • Everyday errands and shopping trips
  • Restaurants, museums, and other crowded places
  • Families with small homes or apartments
  • Families with limited trunk space
  • Air travel
  • Road trips

Why It’s Awesome

Convenient Compact Design:

  • Ultra compact. This is the main feature of this stroller — it gets very very tiny. It’s like a transformer! I can literally fold it up and put it in a tote bag – no other stroller that I know of can do this.
  • Light as a feather. At just 9.5 pounds, you won’t be throwing your back out getting this out of your trunk, you can easily carry it over your shoulder (in a bag or with a strap) when not in use, and you don’t feel like you’re pushing a tank with a 25 pound toddler in a 20 pound stroller!
  • Excellent maneuverability. The front wheels have a 360º swivel feature making the stroller very nimble and easy to steer. This baby can turn on a dime! No lifting and sliding necessary. The front wheels do have the ability to lock in place when you need a little extra stability (ex. on uneven terrain).
This stroller folds down into two sizes. This size, which is not the smallest, is how I keep it folded for daily use. For traveling I fold it up even smaller.

Quick and Easy Breakdown and Setup

  • Easy to fold up (once you get the hang of it). There is definitely a learning curve to this stroller, and the origami-like fold may look quite daunting at first. While it will take a little time to sit down and watch some videos and practice, once you’ve got it down, it’s super easy. The stroller can be folded down into two different sizes. The first size (seen above) is still very compact and sufficient for everyday use, storing in the trunk, in the closet, etc. It takes me less than 5 seconds to collapse the stroller into this size. The next size is even smaller, and this takes a little bit more time and effort to fold the wheels in. I find this step is only necessary when I need to fit it in a bag, or on the plane.
  • Single-motion opening. When it’s in the first folded position mentioned above, I can get this out of the trunk and open it in under 5 seconds. Depending on how squirmy my toddler is feeling that day, I can usually go from carseat to pushing her in the stroller in about 1 minute.
The Pockit takes up a fraction of the trunk space our regular stroller does.

Everyday Usefulness – It’s not just for travel!

  • Trunk space saver. We typically keep our Pockit stroller in the trunk on a regular basis because it’s perfect for quick errands and takes up hardly any space. When we had our regular 3-wheel stroller in there, it took up most of the trunk space in our Toyota Highlander (SUV) and made our Costco hauls difficult to load up.
  • Navigates crowded and narrow spaces effortlessly. Going places with lots of crowds or narrow aisles (cough, cough, Target)? Because of its low-profile design and tight turning radius, this stroller is much easier to navigate through busy or tight spaces than your typical stroller.
  • Small-spaces solution. For those who have small living spaces, limited trunk space, or just like to limit clutter, this stroller is the perfect option.
  • Holds up. Even thought this baby is lightweight, the quality is excellent. We’ve had our Pockit stroller for about a year, used it almost daily for several months, traveled with it a couple times, and it’s still in like-new condition (in fact all the product photos you see on this post were taken of our year-old stroller).
This is the smallest fold, which we only use when traveling. It takes a bit more effort to fold all the way, but it’s still fairly simple.

Travel Must-Have

  • Makes air-travel easier. This is probably the #1 reason people buy this stroller. It really is a lifesaver when you’re flying. It fits easily into the overhead compartment or underneath your seat. You can have your kid off the plane, in a stroller and strolling down the jet bridge in no time! This was even MORE helpful when I flew alone with my little one. With our full-size Graco stroller, it was a nightmare trying to keep a handle on her, the diaper bag and my carryon while waiting in line for our stroller, eventually have to work our way against the traffic flow to get said stroller, put everything down, beg her to stay put, and hope that someone nice would stop to help me as I fumbled to get my stroller out of the gate check bag… OR I could just get off the plane, step aside, put my stuff down, open my Pockit stroller and be on my way. I choose option B.
  • No damaged strollers! Because you can carry it on with you, you won’t run the risk of the gate agent throwing your nice stroller under the plane where it somehow manages to come out looking like it went through a trash compactor.
  • Road trip super space saver. We have a Toyota Highlander with plenty of trunk space and our regular stroller takes up a good portion of that space, plus, it is such an awkward shape that it makes “packing” it very cumbersome on road trips. The Pockit stroller can be folded up and takes up almost no space in your trunk!


  • Buy a strap if you’ll be using it for traveling or somewhere you’ll need to carry it around for extended periods of time.
  • Buy a sunshade if you need sun protection.
  • There is now a Pockit+ that has a reclining feature and more substantial sunshade.

Potential Drawbacks

  • TALL PEOPLE BEWARE! I am 5’7″ and I can push this stroller comfortably. I cannot take long strides without kicking the wheels, but if I’m walking normally, it’s fine. My husband on the other hand is 6’5″ and it is a little uncomfortable for him to push. He usually has to push with one hand and walk a little bit to the side. The height of the handles is not adjustable, so anyone above 5’10”-ish may not want to push it for very long.
  • Very minimal storage space. This isn’t meant to be your “tote all my belongings” type stroller. You can fit a medium purse in the compartment below, but will likely have trouble with a large diaper bag. There are no cup holders, cell phone trays, etc. Some reviewers mentioned they bought stroller clips to hold their diaper bags. I elected not to do this because it WILL tip once the toddler is out, so I’d rather just carry my bag.
  • Sun shade is essentially useless. Unless it’s high noon and your toddler is curled up hugging his legs, the sunshade does a whole lot of nothing. Several reviewers mentioned it’s just there to serve as a place to clip a useful sunshade onto. If you’re going to need sun protection, purchase a separate sunshade like this one.
  • Not an all-terrain stroller. This is not for off-roading, muddy parks, gravel roads, etc. It’s made for smooth ground, pavement or indoors.

Overall, this stroller is definitely worth the money even if you’re not a frequent traveller. It has saved my back many aches and pains from hauling our regular full-sized stroller around. I hope you try it out and love it as much as my family does!

And, to close… I leave you with a sweet picture of my husband and our little one last year (she’s 13 months here) in our Pockit!

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