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Whether you’re a mommy-to-be or a mommy of three… I truly believe ALL mommies will love these game changing items.

I have consistently used each of these on a daily to weekly basis since becoming a mom and I always recommend them to new moms or people looking for gifts for pregnant mamas.

1. Yeti Rambler Mug

Child proof your hot beverages

One of my greatest paranoias with my first baby was that once she was mobile she would somehow spill scalding hot water on her – and I knew it would most probably be from my or my husband’s coffee cup. I tried to be extra vigilant about keeping it out of reach, but I’m a sleep-deprived human mama and one day… I forgot. It was sitting on the coffee table, and I went into the kitchen for a moment leaving my mobile baby alone with the coffee cup.

The next thing I know, I hear a cry. Not the, “Mommy, where’d you go?” whine… You know, the one that says, “I’m hurt, come quickly” cry. In that moment I realized what I had done and was picturing the worst… hot coffee and burns all over my poor baby. I rushed into the living room, and praise Jesus, my Yeti mug had saved the day.

Her face looked terrified and confused as she stood there clutching my Yeti coffee mug, frozen and unable to let go, watching it spill out onto the coffee table. But because of the lid, it was barely trickling out, and only about a quarter of the cup had spilled at this point. She had poured a little on her foot, and that’s what made her cry. She was perfectly fine, but oh my goodness, had my cup not had that lid on it, it could have been SO bad.

It was in that moment that I realized the value in this mug for mamas of young kids. It needs to go on all registry checklists under the “baby proofing” section.

Actually enjoy a HOT beverage

For the above reason (baby proofing your coffee) to make any difference, we must assume your beverage is actually still hot. And I don’t know about you, but when I try to use a regular mug and mom at the same time… my coffee is cold by the time I’m a third of the way through it. And microwaved coffee just isn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong, I WILL drink it, even after the third reheat. Momma needs her coffee. But at that point it’s just sustenance, not an enjoyable beverage.

I’ve poured coffee into my Yeti mug around 7 and it’s still warm by 11. Yes, please. You work hard, mama. Enjoy that hot delicious coffee! Even an hour (or TWO!) after it’s been poured.

2. Master Blaster Non-Toxic Stain Remover

Safe, yet effective, ingredients

It’s been hard to find a stain remover with BOTH of these qualities. It’s either really effective, but the ingredients are caustic; or it’s safe and natural, but doesn’t work worth a darn. But I finally found the Master Blaster, and it truly is a game changer.

I’ve used this to get red wine out of a white shirt, cocoa powder out of my carpet, green smoothie stains (as well as many others) out of my girl’s clothes, pen out of the couch and saved seemingly doomed clothing after blowout diapers.

Plus the all natural ingredients are gentle enough for me to even spray the Master Blaster on clothes while we’re still wearing them! Treating the stain right away helps a lot in its effectiveness.

Not just a stain remover, but a deodorizer too!

I love the idea of Febreeze, but I’m not willing to introduce the chemicals it contains into my home. Instead I’ve occasionally used the Master Blaster to act as Febreeze – spraying stinky shoes, a car seat after a potty training accident or on a mattress after a very stinky diaper. It works great!

3. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Now this one is an investment, for sure, but they are SO worth it. Dyson’s Cordless Stick vacuums are a gift to mommies everywhere. Besides looking a little less scary to your child than those big honkin’ plug-in vacuums, here are some other reasons why you need this vacuum…

Makes typical vacuuming chores faster and easier

No more heavy, bulky vacuums to drag out of the closet and plug in just to have your curious crawler or testy toddler continuously pull the cord out of the wall. This guys is always just hanging out on your wall ready to go. It’s also much lighter, making it feel a bit breezier to vacuum the living room.

I hate vacuuming (really any type of cleaning), and while this vacuum hasn’t made me LOVE vacuuming, I do hate it a little less, and do it a LOT more than I did with my plug-in.

Super fast post-meal cleanup (on hard floors)

Imagine this… you’ve just finished lunch and your kiddo has dropped more on the floor than he has eaten. So you decide to pull out the big ol’ vacuum, plug it in and vacuum under the highchair. You also decide to pull out the hose, find your crevice tool, and do a quick vacuum of the highchair itself.

Ummm… what? Yeah, no. That would never happen.

But it could with the Dyson Stick Vacuum! I did it all the time when my girl was little, and it was so much easier than the broom and dust buster. Because of its streamlined and compact design, you can place it in a convenient location (like on the wall of the kitchen pantry) making it something you just whip out for a quick clean up after messy mealtimes. In just a minute or two you could have the floor under the table cleaned, the vacuum head switched out for the crevice tool creating a super dust buster, and the highchair crumb free! Hallelujah!

Super simple, mess-free emptying

I had a plug-in Dyson before our stick vacuum and while it didn’t utilize the archaic bags, it was still a little bit of a pain to unload and clean out and often sent dust flying in the air. Not the stick vacuum! I just press a button, the bottom flaps open and out goes the debris. Done.

Lots of options & price points

I have the V8 Absolute, which includes the soft roller cleaner head (not included in the “Animal” models) for use on sensitive hard floors. This is key if you want to use it throughout the whole house! There are other, newer models out there now worth checking out, too. They fluctuate in price, and at the time of this posting the newer V10 Absolute model was slightly cheaper than the V8 Absolute model, so make sure to check them all out:

  • Dyson V8 Absolute: Excellent suction, operating time and price point.
  • Dyson V10 Absolute: Has a slightly larger dirt cup and longer operating time than the V8 Absolute.
  • Dyson V11 Torque: Does not need different cleaner heads for different floor types as it automatically adapts.

Bonus: Paprika Recipe Manager App

This is not an item, but I think it’s an app all mommies need, so I decided to include it as a bonus.

The Paprika Recipe Manager allows you to find, save, organize and categorize recipes, meal plan for the week, and create your grocery list organized by department ALL IN ONE PLACE!

For a full review and tour of what the app can do, check out my post on the Paprika App.

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