I receive NO compensation of any kind either by sharing this information with you or if you purchase the app. This is purely because I love the app and think more people need to discover its amazing capabilities.

Whether you’re a super-detailed meal planner or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants kind of meal “planner” (if you can even call it planning), you need this app. Anyone who is in charge of the grocery shopping, meal planning, and/or cooking in their household is going to wonder where this app has been all their life. Y’all… it’s UH-MAY-ZING!

Paprika Recipe Manager allows you to find, save, organize and categorize recipes, meal plan for the week (if you choose to), and create your grocery list organized by department ALL IN ONE PLACE!

I’m just going to jump right in and share a few reasons why you need the Paprika app while giving you a little walkthrough via screen shots.
(Oh, and be sure to read to the end… I’ve saved the best feature for last!)

Reason 1:
Import any recipe from Pinterest or the web instantly, and keep all your recipes in one place

Whether Pinterest has enticed you with a new tasty-looking recipe or you’ve gone to your favorite food blogger’s website for their latest concoction… Paprika can save that recipe and all of your other favorites in one easy-to-manage place. Just copy the address link, open the Paprika app and Paprika automatically detects your copied recipe (Image A). Hit “Load” and “Save Recipe” and it will download EVERYTHING into a standard format (Image B & C) including prep/Cook times, servings, recipe image, ingredient list, directions, as well as any nutrition facts or notes the recipe includes.

You can also manually enter any recipes you might have printed or written down (Image D). Over time, I’ve converted all my printed or handwritten recipes to digital and store them all in this app.

Reason 2:
Categorize recipes in any way you choose

While you’re saving your recipe, take the time to CATEGORIZE your recipe (Image E). You can create ANY category you want and add a single recipe to as many categories as you want, which makes it so easy to browse your recipes based on what you’re looking for.

For example you can create different types of meat categories (chicken, beef, fish, pork, etc.), whether it’s a breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe, cuisine type (Mexican, Asian, etc.), dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, etc.)… the options are endless. Some of my other favorite categories I’ve created:

  • Extra Easy
  • Cheap
  • Crock Pot & Instant Pot Recipes
  • Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer in-season produce
  • Freezer Meals
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Pregnancy Superfoods
  • Party / Potluck Go-to’s
  • Side Dishes
  • Baby Food Recipes

Reason 3:
Easy meal planning

Because of the categorization feature, this makes meal planning SOOO easy. If it’s a busy week I can look through my “One Pot” or “Extra Easy” meals. If we have an excess of chicken we need to eat, I just look at my “Chicken” recipes. If my sister’s coming in town, “Vegetarian” recipes. If it’s cold outside and we’re craving soup, yep, you guessed it… “Soup” recipes. And on and on. (Image F & G)

There is also an option to create your entire meal plan on a Calendar (Image H). Once you find a recipe you’d like to make that week, click the calendar icon at the top and you can choose what day you’d like to add it to, what meal it is (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and voila! Now on Sunday when I’m getting ready to make my Healthy Chicken Pasta Salad, I just go to my calendar, click the link and it takes me straight to my recipe. Can you get any easier?!

Reason 4:
World’s easiest grocery list manager

Okay, this might be my absolute favorite feature for two reasons.
First, with the touch of a single button, Paprika will add ingredients (including measurements or quantities) from a recipe to your grocery list (Image I). You can unselect any ingredients you may already have (like salt and pepper, oil, flour, etc.) before adding the ingredients to your grocery list. You can also manually enter any other items you may need that aren’t a part of any recipe (yogurt, toilet paper, apples, etc.).

Second, Paprika automatically organizes your list by grocery store department! Hallelujah! Can I get an “Amen?!” So lettuce, oranges, parsley and garlic will all be under the “Produce” section, your canned tomatoes and soup will be under the “Canned & Jar Goods” section, cheese and milk in “Dairy,” etc. (Image J) It is SO helpful. And as you go through the store collecting your items, just check it off the list and it disappears!
You can also share your grocery list via email.

Final Words

I have owned this app for around 5 years now and it has been the ONLY way I store recipes and create my grocery list ever since I bought it. It is probably my favorite app on my phone and was beyond worth the $5 I spent on it way back when. Again, I get no compensation whatsoever if you purchase Paprika, I just think more people need to know about this AMAZING app! Hope you enjoy!

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