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Reviews based on maximum cleanliness, ease of use and durability

Such a simple concept: a baby bib… but when you think about it, the right bib can make mealtime just a little bit easier or that much more frustrating when you realize your bib did pretty much nothing to keep anyone or anything clean.

And, as is with everything else baby-related, there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Silicone bibs, bibs with pouches, bibs with pockets, bibs with sleeves, food catcher bibs, waterproof bibs, cloth bibs… I could go on. But which one is the BEST baby bib?

Below I’ve reviewed 5 different types of baby bibs, quickly listed their pros and cons, and have provided links to the best ones of each type based on my experience and Amazon reviews. I’ve called out my top two absolute favorites at the bottom.

When selecting the best baby bib I was looking for:

  1. Maximum cleanliness. I want to do the least amount of work cleaning baby and the floor after mealtime as possible. 
  2. Easy to Clean. I only want to keep two or three bibs on hand, so they need to be easily rinsed and wiped down in the sink for use during the next meal. I’m not about to spend time endlessly scrubbing or laundering bibs. The ability to put them in the dishwasher or washing machine is a plus. 
  3. Easy to get on and off. But not so easy that baby can do it. I’m going to be using this bib at least 3 times a day at some point, so it doesn’t need to be a production just to get the bib on. Mealtime is eventful enough on its own. 
  4. Durability. It needs to last as long as I decide my child should be wearing a bib. So probably at least 16 years.

So my criteria can pretty much be summed up by: what bib will result in the LEAST amount of work for me? I’m not lazy, I just value efficiency. Am I right?

Below you will find reviews on the following bibs:

Smock Bib or Sleeved Bib 

Summary: Keeps baby the cleanest, but it’s a hassle.

PROS: Best at keeping baby’s clothes clean as it covers the most surface area. It is pretty easy to clean, but a bit awkward due to size to deal with in the sink. 

CONS: The most difficult to get on and off. I’d rather just take my kid’s clothes off and spray ’em down in the backyard after lunch than deal with this thing. Trying to get my baby’s arms in the sleeves, pull them all the way up and secure it was super annoying. It would probably be easier with a more cooperative toddler (does that exist?) who can help get clothes on and off. Also, the flimsy material made it so the front of the bib often bunched up in baby’s face, which was not appreciated by baby, and it made it difficult for her to successfully get the food in her mouth (major CON).

The first one is the one we tried. I did not like the tie string in the back. The second one listed might be easier with the Velcro, but I haven’t tried it. Both have really good reviews, so clearly they work for some.

Bumkins Sleeved Bib / Baby Bib / Toddler Bib / Smock, Waterproof, Washable, Stain and Odor Resistant

Hi Sprout Unisex Infant Toddler Baby Super Waterproof Sleeved Bib, Reusable Bib with Sleeves& Pocket (Other colors available)

Waterproof “Crumb Catcher” Bibs 

Summary: Fine for the purée phase, not effective for self-feeding babies.

PROS: Easy to fold up and store or take with you in the diaper bag. It is waterproof, so it will protect clothes from juice or puréed foods; however, this is a “crumb catcher,” meaning the pocket is useless. It will NOT catch finger food and your self-feeding baby’s lap and the floor will be a disaster.  This waterproof bib is fairly easy to clean (but note CONS).

CONS: It is not useful for finger foods as pouch does not stick out enough to catch much of anything. While it’s easy to wipe or rinse down, food gets stuck in the seams along edges and is quite difficult to get out. Some of these bibs are also not dishwasher safe or machine washable according to the tag (though second ones listed below are machine washable). 

We had these first ones. For as little time as I used them, I liked their price the best; however the second ones listed have better overall reviews and are machine washable.

Luvable Friends 4 Piece Waterproof Bibs with Crumb Catcher, Flamingos

Bumkins SuperBib, Baby Bib, Waterproof, Washable, Stain and Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months, 3-Pack – Whales, Sea Friends, Gray Chevron

Silicone Bibs

Summary: Decent, easily washable, but don’t catch food as well as my favorites. 

PROS: These are super easy to clean and easy to take on and off baby. They catch falling food fairly well. They’re also pretty easy to travel with as they are flexible and can sort of be rolled up.

CONS: They don’t catch food as well as my favorite bib (reviewed later) because the silicone is quite flexible and is prone to getting squished, thereby closing up the pouch. The closure is also very easy for baby to remove and dump the pouch food all over the floor 🙄. 

IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTE: These silicone pouch bibs vary widely in quality and effectiveness. We tried a few different ones, and the cheap ones were so flimsy that the pouch would always collapse and catch no food. So don’t bother with the uber-cheap ones just to save a few bucks, go for these… they’re by far the best all-silicone bibs (Amazon users agree):

Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs Easily Wipe Clean! Comfortable Soft Waterproof Bib Keeps Stains Off! Set of 2 Colors (Pink/Purple)

These two bibs were my absolute favorites:

OXO Silicone Roll Up Bib

Summary: Best for travel/diaper bag.

PROS: OXO’s bib catches food really well and keeps baby quite clean. They are easily rollable and convenient for bringing along to a restaurant or while traveling. We have used these very often. It’s also the hardest for baby to take off themselves I’ve found; though, still very possible as baby gets older.

CONS: Food gets caked in seams along edges and is hard to clean, so they can look grimy pretty easily. The vinyl part does not dry quickly and can’t just be wiped dry, so it’s more difficult to use the same one for back to back meals. These are not machine washable or dishwasher safe according to the tag, but I’ve put mine in the dishwasher several times and they held up perfectly fine (had it over a year). 

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck, 2 Pack, Gray/Aqua

Baby Bjorn Bib

Summary: By far, my favorite. Effective, easy to clean and durable. 

PROS: These keep baby the cleanest of all bibs we’ve tried because it’s made of a stronger material than the silicone ones, and the pouch cannot collapse in on itself. This material is also SUPER easy to clean, just wipe it down with your dishcloth and it’s good to go for the next meal. I also stick it in the dishwasher often as it is dishwasher-safe. The Baby Bjorn bib is very easy to get on and off. 

CONS: It’s more of a plastic material and not silicone so it is not very flexible, which didn’t bother my girl, but may be uncomfortable for some babies and makes it unable to be rolled up for space-saving. Once baby gets older, it’s fairly easy for them to take off. All-in-all though, this bib has lasted us over a year, looks pretty much brand new and has worked amazingly. 

BABYBJÖRN Baby Bib, 2-Pack, Powder Green/Pink

I hope this insight was helpful. Please, always feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have, and I’ll do my best to answer.

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