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As soon as a woman gets pregnant, most of the gifts she will receive will be for the future baby. Show that mommy-to-be some love with a Christmas gift for HER.

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for your pregnant friend, pregnant sister or pregnant wife, this list of ten practical gift ideas should help you out! This particular post includes gifts that she will actually get plenty of use out of both before and after baby is born.

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1) YETI Mug

Every momma needs one of these for two important reasons: 1) What mom has ever been able to finish a cup of coffee or tea before it gets cold? None. This mug will keep your beverage warm for hours. 2) The lid can help prevent your kids from dumping scalding coffee all over themselves when you accidentally forget to put it out of reach. (Trust me, first hand experience with that one)

2) Hydro Flask

Pregnant mommas need to keep hydrated, and super cold ice water seems to be extra appealing to many pregnant women. These hydro flasks keep your beverage ice cold (or hot) for hours. Drinking 2.5 of the 32oz bottle will get momma to her recommended water quota each day. 

3) Maternity Clothes

Stocking your maternity wardrobe can get expensive! Most practical mommas will likely appreciate anything they can wear that’s comfortable and flattering for their cute (and growing) belly! Here are some of my favorite basics:

4) Apple AirPods

These are a great gift for most anyone, but I’m asking for these before baby #2 comes around for a very specific reason. Nighttime feedings. AirPods let momma listen to her audiobook, music or podcast without getting tangled in headphone cords or continuously dropping the phone while trying to nurse, bottle feed, burp the baby, switch sides, etc. 

5) Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum

You’ll have to know your audience well for this one. Some mommas will be super excited and appreciative of this gift, some will be very offended. But for those who’d appreciate a gift like this, it would be one of the best she could get! This vacuum makes cleaning up after littles so much easier. It’s cordless, incredibly lightweight, easy to maneuver and vacuums all floor types flawlessly. I use it frequently to clean up after messy mealtime, and I use the crevice tool, which quickly turns the vacuum into a handheld vacuum (or the ultimate dust-buster) to clean out highchairs and carseats.

6) Wedge Pillow & Knee Pillow

It’s no secret that sleep becomes difficult when you’re pregnant for many reasons, one being it’s hard to get comfortable. Some women like the big huge wrap-around pregnancy pillows, but that’s just too much for me. I much preferred this small Boppy wedge pillow. A knee pillow also helps keep the body in proper alignment and alleviates back pain.

7) Memory Foam Slip-on Shoes

The extra weight a pregnant momma carries can take a toll on her feet and joints. Some extra cushion in her step would help a ton! Plus, bending over to tie shoes when you’re super pregnant is an olympic event… slip ons for the win! Here are a couple highly-rated options:

8) Safe Skincare Items

Mommas skin absorbs all sorts of things from the products she puts on her body, and they can affect the development of her baby. Shampoos, body washes and lotions are notorious for having harmful ingredients in them. I love Puracy’s products, and so do Amazon reviewers! Many of their products are organic and all are made with safe plant-based ingredients.

9) Chemical-Free Household Cleaning Products

Also with great reviews, is Puracy’s cleaning kit. Household cleaners also tend to be filled with nasty ingredients, especially fragrances, that can be harmful to a developing baby. Puracy’s dish soap, stain remover, laundry detergent, multipurpose cleaner and hand soap are all free of harmful chemicals, and they WORK. Similar to the vacuum though, know your audience before gifting cleaning products!

10) Belly Butter

Help mommy-to-be avoid stretch marks and itchy skin (oh my goodness the itchy skin!!) with a good belly butter. I make my own with a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and several other ingredients, but if you don’t want to make one, Badger brand has a highly-rated one as well as Burt’s Bees.

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7 replies on “10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Pregnant Women

  1. The Dyson was huge for me since I didn’t have to worry about after once I had my sons that they would grab the cord out of the wall. I also loved that belly butter.


  2. I say the slip on shoes are a super great idea! I lived in my flats during and after pregnancy. Even now (11 months after babe) I prefer easy to slip on shoes, with good traction, no slipping with baby.


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