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Anyone else’s toddler think veggies are yucky? Refuse to eat anything that has color?

As a baby, my daughter would eat almost anything. We were very intentional about offering her a wide array of nutritious food while avoiding most processed or junk foods. No joke, on more than one occasion she has eaten pureed chicken livers, sauerkraut and all the green things. But somewhere around 16 – 20 months her food preferences became erratic and totally unpredictable. One month her absolute favorite thing was bananas, and she would request them for every meal… and then the next month you couldn’t even put one on her plate without her whining about it. The only constant was that she didn’t want most fruits, vegetables or proteins. Which left bread and cheese. Great.

So what is a momma to do? This girl has GOT to eat more than bread and cheese!

We continued to offer her the nutritious foods because we know continued exposure the only way her habits will eventually change. But in the meantime, while she’s still refusing the offered nutrition… SMOOTHIES and the SQUEASY SNACKER were a fool-proof way to get nutrients into her tummy.

The pouch comes apart in three pieces making for extra easy cleaning. The red nozzle prevents food from leaking out as well as creating a vacuum seal allowing baby to get ALL the food out.

Why we love the Squeasy Snacker

The Squeasy Snacker is easy to use for kids, easy to clean for adults, and keeps your kiddo mess-free. Below are all the reasons we absolutely love ours and will recommend it again and again!

Fight-free way to get nutritious foods in your toddler’s tummy

I can easily throw a bunch of superfoods into the blender, pour it in this pouch and hand it to my daughter without fear of getting the “What is this evil thing you give me?” face followed by whining and refusal to eat it. Nine times out of ten she loves whatever comes out of the Squeasy Snacker.

My typical combinations:

  • Frozen berries, spinach/kale, yogurt, oats, coconut water
  • Frozen strawberries, banana, avocados, flax seed, milk
  • Frozen berries, spinach/kale, almonds, beets, oranges or orange juice
  • Banana, peanut butter, yogurt, oats, coconut water

Other ingredients could include pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers, peaches, açaí, pineapple, nut milks, chia seeds, cocoa powder, ginger, turmeric, and more!

Super easy to clean

The silicone pouch is easily wipeable, and the top comes apart into two pieces very simply, making it a breeze to clean. I’ve never had to scrub this or try getting funk out of hard-to-reach places. It rinses so well. It is also dishwasher-safe.


There is a small red silicone insert in the cap that prevents the overflow you get with store-bought pouches if baby grips it a little too hard. Note: many people who rated this poorly seem to not understand that they have to use the red piece to keep the contents from just spilling out.

Aside from smoothies, it’s also a great way to feed your child things like applesauce or yogurt without ending up with a disaster.

Easy for littles to use

The red silicone insert comes in clutch again. Not only does it stop all the contents from spilling out, it also creates a vacuum in the pouch that makes it really easy for the little ones to get every. last. drop… without mommy or daddy having to squeeze up the contents like an old bottle of toothpaste.

Great for on-the-go

There is a good sturdy cap on the Squeasy Snacker, so you can throw it in a cooler or your diaper bag for an on-the-go snack. Also, because it’s pretty mess-free, I’ve given it to my toddler in the car several times without ending up with food everywhere.

Durable, well-made

The Squeasy Snacker is made of high quality food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. Even with frequent usage, washing and toddler handling, it stands the test of time.

Though, we did find out that the cap does not stand up to going through the garbage disposal… oops.

What Amazon customers are saying

This gets excellent reviews on Amazon, with a vast majority giving it 5 stars. Here’s what reviewers think:

Those who like it:

  • Many people who have had theirs for a year, plus, have said that the Squeasy pouch is still in great condition.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • They love the vacuum seal that makes it easy for kids to get almost all of the food out.
  • A handful of reviewers say it’s helpful for babies with a feeding tube – the spout fits the end of their tube.

Those who don’t like it:

  • Might not be good for babies who can’t suck hard enough to get the food out.
  • Pricey
  • “Doesn’t work for cottage cheese….” 🤷🏼‍♀️
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We love our Squeasy Snacker and hope you’ll try it out! So many superfood smoothies have been put in my daughters tummy because of it.

For extra smooth smoothies be sure to look into the NutriNinja. It’s one of our absolute favorite kitchen appliances. You can read more about why I love it in this post.

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