Deep in my heart somewhere is a woman who wants to be a minimalist, but closer to the surface is a woman who resonates with the modern consumer mindset: stuff will make my life better and easier. And so, here-in lies my ever-present pull between finding the products that WILL make my life better and easier, and saying no to the things that will just add clutter and distraction.

I want this blog to save you the time spent researching, purchasing and returning; the frustration over junk products; and the money on things you aren’t going to use. 

With the blessing of Amazon (and e-commerce in general) placing virtually any product at your fingertips, comes the curse of the barrage of options and the black-hole hunt to find the BEST one. It’s exhausting. 

I want to do the work for you. I am an avid researcher, and I enjoy distilling all the data, facts, research, reviews and experiences down into an objective, no-BS, informed review or recommendation. 

In my posts, I promise that I will: 

  • Always be honest. 
  • Only focus on products I have personally tried.
  • Be as objective as possible and provide sound scientific research when applicable. 
  • Never recommend a product to you that I wouldn’t use myself. 

Posted by:Lauren P

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